Exchange Server 2019 Preview

Last week Microsoft announced the release of Exchange Server 2019 – Preview. This is the first version of Exchange to be compatible with Windows Server Core. Other new features include a revamped search service leveraging Bing search and improvements to the Exchange Online Hybrid functionality along with further performance optimizations to the database engine. Updates to the Outlook web client will also bring the user experience more in line with the current Exchange Online offering.

The Preview is available to download here  and I will be posting an install demo here in the next couple of days.


New Blog Site!

I’ve tried keeping up blogs in the past but always had a hard time keeping up with posts. Now it’s time to start fresh and stick to it! This blog is focused around Microsoft 365 and the Modern Workplace. I am hoping to update regularly with new feature analysis, tutorials and interesting findings I make day to day working with this ever changing suite of products.

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